Shock absorbers made in Germany – for more than 70 years

Tradition meets the future

As is well-known, a vehicle is more than the sum of its parts, yet without them, it doesn’t exist. No one would reduce a vehicle to its shock absorbers, but no one would deny that they significantly influence its function, safety and comfort. That is exactly how we see our company, which produces hydraulic shock absorbers:

As a family company, we would not exist without the people who founded it and developed it over generations; or without our employees, who develop ideas, drive technical realisations and advise our customers sensibly as well as competently.

Where we are coming from, where we are going

After Chief Engineer Werner Remensperger began to produce shock absorbers in 1945, by the beginning of the 1960’s, his company, SUDBURG WERKE, began to supply products to Deutsche Bahn, the German railway. The success motivated him to continuously further develop his company strategy, to educate his employees not just in accordance with the company’s concepts, but to also help them feel connected to “their” company through a positive workplace atmosphere.

The second generation, consisting of Businessman Jürgen Remensperger, Dipl.BetrW. Norbert Remensperger and Dipl.Ing. Ernst-Ulrich Remensperger, managed and coniniously expanded GEREP for many years and thereby established a sound basis for a successful transistion into the new millennium.

Susanne Remensperger, who is currently leading GEREP in the third generation, is proud of the unusual loyalty of her established and highly-qualified team, which is located at just one location, in Suderburg. Here, “made in Germany” can still be taken literally: 85% of the company’s value creation takes place here, on site.

For us, value creation is not just making an important economic contribution for the location in Germany, but rather, it also means

• Implementing extensive experience in high-quality, durable products at an attractive price.

• Delivering to customers from extremely various branches worldwide from our centrally-located location, between the industrial city of Hanover and the export metropolis of Hamburg.

• Maintaining careful and sustainable dealings with our customers, suppliers and employees.