Our range of products

No vehicle is more comfortable than its absorption allows it to be

No matter whether it is a railway vehicle, truck, bus, trailer or other application in the moving vehicle sector, all of them profit from an individually-customised absorption system.

As the all-round expert in shock absorbers, GEREP offers the right products for all needs, from reparable absorbers, including the appropriate repair kit, all the way to non-reparable shock absorbers. Thanks to the incredible depth of our assortment, shock absorbers for many applications can be delivered directly from our warehouse. As an experienced development partner, we can also assist you with individualised designs.

Our range of products includes more than 7000 different shock absorbers of all types, shock absorbers for trucks and commercial vehicles, buses and railway vehicles and overrun brakes for personal vehicle trailers and special vehicles of all types.

Needless to say, we can also create custom products, including in smaller lot sizes.